The LMA Ph.D. Students' Day brings together Ph.D. students for a day during which they are invited to briefly present their work in the form of an oral presentation. The program is structured around the following events:

  •      Presentation of the laboratory and teams to newcomers
  •     Two sessions of oral presentations by LMA Ph.D. students
  •     Partial elections for the CdL

Deadlines: registration and submission of the presentation material

  • Registrations open until : 11/14/2020

  • Presentation materials can be submitted until : 11/24/2020

Organizational information

The participation of doctoral students in this day is almost mandatory, except for the 4th year and up. Due to social distancing norms, the poster session will not take place. All doctoral students are requested to make an oral presentation.

  • The estimated times for oral presentations are 6 minutes, 9 minutes and 12 minutes respectively for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years but may vary according to the number of participants. 
  • Participation is optional for the 4th year and up, but remains highly appreciated.
  • Following the closing of registrations, the detailed programme (time of passage, duration of the presentation and questions) will be sent by e-mail and made available on this website.

  • The LMA amphitheater will be reserved for the presenters. For doctoral students who cannot attend, a videoconference system will be set up. 

Help with registration and document submission

The registration and the submit process of the presentation supports have to be made on this website.


Registration process

  •     The "SciencesConf" account requested for registration is used by many conferences in which PhD students may participate, as well as the open HAL archive. You may already have an account after registering for a conference, or for others after registering for the Doctoral School's Doctoral Day. Otherwise, creating an account is free and fast (click on the arrow at the right of the "Connexion" button to create an account).


Submitting an oral presentation or a poster

  •     Compulsorily submit a file in pdf format (including for posters),

  •     If a presentation requires sound or video/animation playback, please specify it in the commentary. The organisers will discuss with you individually how to proceed on the PhD students' day..
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